At a glance

Belarusian Republican Unitary Insurance Company  -  the leading insurance company in Belarus.

Foundation date the 3 rd December 1921.

FounderThe Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus


Number of full-time employees

On the state of the 1st  October 2017  – 5 775.



Republican Subsidiary Unitary Insurance  Company  «Stravita» (life insurance);

Republican Subsidiary Unitary Company «Polygpraph» (printing industry).


Over 6 million clients  


 Belgosstrakh is presented in every city of  the Republic of Belarus

 8  Regional branches;

118 representative offices;

More then 6000 sales points




Belgosstrakh team counts 5 780 employees,

including  2 482 insurance agents

Today you can conclude an insurance


contract: -

In Belgosstrakh officies

In  sales points; -

In banks or Belpost (we work with largest banks of the country); -

By calling an insurance agent; -

By filling in the application form on our web site

Variety of insurance products


Today Belgosstrakh offers 81 different types of insurance including 70 types of voluntary insurance lines.

Our insurance products differ from classic insurance to exclusive types, comprehensive programs and special offers