Health insurance for foreign citizens

 In order to obtain a visa and cross the state border of the Republic of Belarus foreign citizen must have a certificate of insurance of a foreign country, satisfying the appropriate specific requirements, or take out health insurance at border checkpoints.

Foreign citizens temporarily staying or temporarily residing in the Republic of Belarus are required to have a compulsory health insurance policy( from Belarusian insurance companies Belgosstrakh and Beleximgarant) or medical insurance policy took out in a foreign insurance organization in case of their emergency medical treatment in medical institutions ( hereinafter - medical insurance policy).


Health insurance should meet the following requirements.


Information that must be specified in insurance policy or insurance card.


Requirements for the term of the health insurance (for long-term visa).


List of nationalities that do not need compulsory health insurance.


Interaction of health organizations with Belarusian insurers and medical assistance for foreign citizens when contacting for to medical care.


Medical assistance.


Legislation in the field of health insurance of foreign citizens.


If foreign citizens have no insurance policy (certificate of insurance) satisfying the appropriate requirements and refuse to take out a compulsory health insurance at border checkpoints of the Republic of Belarus, located at international airports, they get a refusal of entry to the Republic of Belarus according to the legislative acts of the country.