Enjoy calmness!

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7557 МТС, A1, Life - по тарифам операторов

Symbols and attributes

The trade mark of Belgosstrakh was registered with the State Register of Trade Marks and Service Marks on August 30, 2002 (Registration Certificate No. 15973).

It represents a triangle with a line of elliptical shape. The triangle, being the steadiest geometrical figure, in the projection, symbolizes the financial stability of Belgosstrakh. By means of schematical representation of the three-level structure of Belgosstrakh, which consists of the Head Office, 7 branches and 120 representative offices, it also symbolizes a roof – the most recognized and broadly accepted moral and material value for each person.

The ellipse, which is encapsulating the triangle, symbolizes the protection by Belgosstrakh of the interests of its clients, and also an aspiration of the сompany towards constant progress and perfection.

The Belgosstrakh’s motto – "Enjoy calmness" – is an appeal to clients and partners. It represents your possibility to live in a calmness, and in this role we acclaim the insurance polis of Belgosstrakh.