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7557 МТС, A1, Life - по тарифам операторов



The mission of Belgosstrakh is to meet the needs of the citizens and the organizations of the Republic of Belarus in support of welfare through the provision of high-quality and affordable insurance.



The clients of Belgosstrakh are the foundation of our development, because their loyalty guarantees the stability of the company. The success of our clients is the main performance indicator of our business.


The main task of Belgosstrakh is to serve the clients' interests.


The values of Belgosstrakh:




- Rigorous compliance with the conditions and commitments recorded;
- The guarantee of payments;
- The transparency of our company's business.


A Customer-oriented approach:


- High quality of service;
- Efficiency;
- An inpidual approach.




- Modern technologies;
- Unique insurance products;
- A new level of communication.