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 Belarusian Republican Unitary Insurance Company "Belgosstrakh".

Our enterprise is the biggest insurance company of the Republic of Belarus.

Belgosstrakh was founded by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

Belgosstrakh was established in 1921. During the intervening years, it has accumulated the extensive experience of working both with the population and with business entities. Throughout the latest years, the share of Belgosstrakh in the national insurance market has been exceeding 50 percent. It is confidently ranked No. 1 among the domestic insurance companies.

Belgosstrakh is a full-service insurance company, which is engaged in socially significant types of insurance within the framework of the legislation in force. The social value of insurance activities of Belgosstrakh lies in performing the following basic functions:

– Using the institute of insurance to contribute into social and economic stability in the society;
– Making investments into the national economy;
– Financing the implementation of preventive actions aimed at decreasing the probability of occurrence of an insured accident and material consequences thereof.

The presence of a persified network of 8 branches in all the regional centres and in Minsk as well as of 111 representative offices in all the towns and district centres, together with a sustainable financial standing, allow to ensure the protection of the clients’ interests all over the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

To ensure insurance protection of legal entities and inpiduals temporarily staying abroad, we have concluded respective agreements with the partners of Belgosstrakh – the insurance and reinsurance companies, insurance brokers of the CIS countries, Europe and Asia.