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Health and Travel insurance


Belgosstrakh offers different types of medical insurance programs which can include ambulance and stationary help, medicine supply, dental health service and others according to your wishes. Also, you can choose medical institutions (state or (and) commercial) in which you want to be observed.

  An insured accident of voluntary insurance of medical expenses is a request for medical services to the medical institutions for treatment, consultative, diagnosis and preventive medical help because of acute and chronic diseases, injuries, poisoning and other accidents.   An insurance premium for the medical insurance policy with the insurance period of 1 year is from $ 100 per person and depends on different factors: the medical insurance program, the insurance amount, the age of the insured person and others. Concluding an agreement with an inpidual, an insured person fills up the health condition declaration on basis of which health group of the insured person is indentified.   In case the insured accident happens, you are needed in medical help, it is necessary to apply to the insurer by the telephone numbers, specified in the card of the insured person.   


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1. Applying for a medical help it’s necessary to inform the insurer the following information: the surname, name and patronymic name (if available), the number of the insurance policy (which is indentified at the card of the insured person), tell the problem («I’m concerned»), your wish of the medical institution to visit and time of visit, contact telephone number.  


2. After accommodation with the insurer about the visit to the medical institution, you will be informed about the date, time and place of rendering medical assistance.   


3. Visiting the medical institution you are to have the card of the insured person and a passport. To organize and coordinate the rendering medical assistance in non-working hours, non-working days and holidays you are needed to contact with round-the-clock medical assistance service of Belgosstrakh by the telephone number (8 017) 395-48-90     


If your medical program includes medicine supply, the medicines are given free according to the doctor’s recipes given at the medical consultation coordinated and organized by Belgosstrakh. In order to get the medicines the insured person is needed to show the recipe and the card of the insured person in one of chemist’s shops that are mentioned in the medical insurance program.    


The policies of voluntary insurance of medical expenses you can buy in any pision of Belgosstrakh.