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Health insurance for foreign citizens


In order to obtain a visa and cross the state border of the Republic of Belarus foreign citizen must have a certificate of insurance of a foreign country, satisfying the appropriate specific requirements, or take out health insurance at border checkpoints.

Foreign citizens temporarily staying or temporarily residing in the Republic of Belarus are required to have a compulsory health insurance policy( from Belarusian insurance companies Belgosstrakh and Beleximgarant) or medical insurance policy took out in a foreign insurance organization in case of their emergency medical treatment in medical institutions ( hereinafter - medical insurance policy).

Information for the foreign citizens and stateless persons temporary staying in the Republic of Belarus!

In order to protect you and ensure maximum convenience in the territory of our state, an obligatory medical insurance contract for foreign citizens and stateless persons temporary staying or living in the Republic of Belarus can now be concluded online on our website:




For the conclusion of a contract, you have to register in personal account.

After a successful registration in your personal account, you will receive an activation notification by e-mail.

You should write your personal data after activating of your personal account.

Then you can proceed to the conclusion of a contract of obligatory medical insurance.

In the Buy policy section, set the date of start and termination of insurance, fill in the windows that appear and confirm conclusion of the contract.

To pay for the contract, go to the tab Contract drafts, and then go to the Contract and to the icon .

Pay the contract.

Within 24 hours after payment, a notice about conclusion of the contract will appear on the Policies tab that confirms the existence of a contract of obligatory medical insurance.

User manual: download 


If foreign citizens have no insurance policy (certificate of insurance) satisfying the appropriate requirements and refuse to take out a compulsory health insurance at border checkpoints of the Republic of Belarus, located at international airports, they get a refusal of entry to the Republic of Belarus according to the legislative acts of the country.
To calculate the insurance premium,
select the insurance period / period
of stay in the Republic of Belarus (day):

*Duration of stay / Insurance period: (day)
Insurance premium:
0.00 Euro

* Payment of the insurance premium is made at a time. Payment of the insurance premium can be made both in Belarusian rubles and in freely convertible currency, as well as in Russian rubles.